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Nimble Collective Invites Animation Artists to Apply as Beta Testers

28 Nov

Nimble Collective is launching its Beta program!

IT’S HAPPENING! They are opening up their animation collaboration platform for a limited public release. Creators of all kinds are invited to fill out an application for a chance to get their hands on the future of collaborative animation creation.

Submit your application today!

Everyone is encouraged to apply, and the ideal candidate is an individual or small team with a strong idea or existing project they are working on. We are also looking for people who want to be ON a team and have some skills under their belt (animators, lighters, layout artists, etc.) to test out different aspects of the pipeline.

Help us create the future of animation by creating, collaborating, and providing valuable feedback on Nimble Collective’s platform.



The startup, founded by a stellar team of animation pioneers and technologists, is aiming to reinvent the animation content market by offering studio-caliber capabilities without the costly infrastructure.

Initially, a small pool of applicants will be chosen for this limited public beta, but Nimble plans to expand the testing over the next several months. Ideal candidates will be those with a strong idea or existing project (individuals or teams). Nimble also is seeking those who want to be part of a team and who have skills in animation, lighting, layout, writing, etc., to test various aspects of the animation platform.

nimblecollective_betauser2 nimblecollective_betauser

Nimble’s virtual streaming platform will allow creators to design, collaborate, and distribute their content on any computer using only a web browser and internet connection. Its pipeline will offer parallel capabilities as established studios, who have invested extensively to create and maintain their own infrastructure. Whether projects are 2D or 3D, teams can seamlessly work together to model, rig, texture, light, animate, render, composite, and edit.

Interested beta testers can submit their applications here: cloud.nimbl­


First-Ever Contest From Nimble Collective – Animate the Chicken!

17 Nov

Nimble Collective, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing the animation industry by crafting the first cloud native animation platform, just launched their first-ever animation contest! Time for all you aspiring creators to show off some of your artistic talents!

animatethechicken nimble_beyourownstudio

Nimble Collective invites you to Animate the Chicken and Win Prizes! It’s simple, really. Just download the (free) Blender 2.78 file of the chicken in its environment and create your own take on the Animal Fact chicken scene. Will she fly? Will she sing? Only YOU know the answer to that.
Once you submit your short video, we’ll let the Internet vote on the top 5 shorts to be awarded an impressive prize package.
Give it a shot!! Who knows? It may even lead to a Beta Test invite! Very soon you will learn more about that!
Here’s the link for details:

Looks good enough to eat, right?

22 Apr

By Angela James

For notable restaurants like Birk’s in Santa Clara that focus on an exceptional culinary experience, highlighting food through photography is a must. I had the distinct pleasure of attending Birk’s Spring seasonal menu change photo shoot session recently. I should mention that I started out my career as a photographer and spent many hours in the Test Kitchen at Sunset Magazine striving to make a dish look as great as it tastes, so this was a particularly special treat for me.

Shooting food, like shooting anything else, can be rewarding when it goes well and frustrating as hell when it doesn’t. Taking a methodical approach, however, can yield excellent results. When you get right down to it, it follows the same concepts that apply to photographing people. Paying attention to lighting, background, camera angles, composition, exposure, and “wardrobe” can produce great portraits, but it can also produce mouth-watering results when carefully applied to food.

Oliver Danby from Pixel West Media and Alyssa Williamson from Design Flair Studio, both from Pleasanton, CA devised an efficient system for handling the non-stop procession of food and drink. It allowed them to position,  light, and capture about 20 dishes and cocktails reflecting a vast array of colors. It was a well-orchestrated production as Maurice Dissels, Birk’s Executive Chef and his restaurant staff  plated each of the new menu offerings, and the food came straight from the kitchen, camera-ready.

It was pure joy for me to watch the shoot in action. I was taught early on that “A successful image is when the customer sees your photo and says ‘I’ve got to have that right now.’” I sure can’t deny that the plated subjects and leftovers made me and the whole crew very happy!  The finished images will be published on Birk’s website soon and making their debut on their Social Media channels this week. We will let you be the judge, but from where I was standing, I think we met our objectives!


Kreuzberg Coffee & Cafe-Paso Robles Grand Opening

9 Mar

by Angela James

There are warm welcomes and positive customer experiences brewing in downtown Paso Robles! We had the distinct pleasure of being a part of Kreuzberg, Ca Coffee’s Grand Opening Celebration and company expansion! The event included coffee lovers and afficionados from near and far being introduced to Kreuzberg’s  unique cafe offerings and culinary rituals. They are serious about the coffee and tea experience, which drives them to bring their customers  an experience which not only represents the amazingness of their coffee but also gives a double-shot boost to the Kreuzberg brand.

Kreuzberg Coffee Company started in 2010 by Cal Poly grads that fell in love with European cafe culture while hanging out on their laptops in the coffee shops of Kreuzberg, a neighborhood in Berlin, Germany. They set out to bring this same experience to SLO and Paso by offering a welcoming, fun, and creative environment where customers come to eat, drink, meet, study, play, listen to live music, drink a beer, or just hang out with friends. They roast their own beans every day and their talented and creative baristas pour their heart and soul into every cup.

We mingled with a steady crowd of locals and weekend travelers who were quickly building relationships while discovering the inviting ambiance, high-quality coffees and teas, morning treats and lunch menu, kombuchas, and more.

Easy to get to and situated in picturesque downtown Paso Robles, California – Right off Hwy. 101 at 725 13th St., in the heart of California’s Central Coast, Kreuzberg Coffee is elevating the morning beverage to a treat worth indulging in regardless of the time of day. Special kudos goes to the hard working staff who spent days and nights preparing for the event – especially manager and artistic barista, Julian Cantreras, pictured here preparing hand-crafted indulgences. Stop by and enjoy the the best of a coffeehouse environment for yourself combined with excellent customer service.

Follow them on Facebook . Order Kreuzberg’s fresh roasted beans here.

Cosmos Creations Divine Premium Corn Puffs

4 Mar

by Angela James

Each year my business partner and I show up the Winter Fancy Food Show with empty stomachs and high expectations. Long ago we learned that it was best to go lightly at the onset to avoid over-indulging and losing focus. Our goal is to seek out unique new products, flavors and trendy food concoctions. This year we were stopped in our tracks by Cosmos Creations gourmet oven-baked puffed corn.

This is not your typical popcorn snack. Cosmos Creations are a delicious, all-natural alternative that we could not stop tasting! An assortment of unique, fun flavors was available including Salted Caramel, Carmel Apple, Spicy Sriracha and, my personal favorite, Coconut Crunch.

Baked corn is different from popcorn – there are no hulls or kernels because it’s made from corn meal that is extruded then baked, resulting in a puff. Cosmos products are made with all natural ingredients which means no preservatives, no additives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors.

The fantastic assortment of flavors initially drew me in, but what kept my attention was the fact that Cosmos Creations satisfy the way popcorn should yet have no hulls or kernels that lodge between your teeth and ‘stick with you’ throughout the day. An added benefit that I think should be shouted from the rooftops is that it’s gentle enough to enjoy for anyone with braces, retainers, and other appliances – Oh how I wish I had discovered Cosmos Creations when my kids were in braces! Cosmos melts in your mouth and are hand-made from natural ingredients, all of which I could pronounce.  It is a gluten free snack made from non-GMO corn with zero trans fats.


Cosmos Creations gets it drive and inspiration by holding steadfast to their founding purpose for creating a healthful delight for the masses to share. Managed by the Strasheim and Tiller families under the name 4 Him Food Group, CEO John Strasheim says, “We think a great way to demonstrate our beliefs in the fruits of the Spirit, especially joy, kindness and goodness, is by providing our own version of heavenly mana right here on earth.”

Each year I collect my favorite finds and ship a “care package” to my daughter who is away at college, which included several flavors I snagged at the Cosmos Creations exhibit. She soon called me and had to know where to get more (Caramel Apple, please!) for her and her pals. Coincidentally, her school is within a few miles of Cosmos Creations new plant in Junction City, Oregon so they had no trouble finding a local Fred Meyer with a nice selection. Cosmos was a huge hit with me as well as some picky, health conscious college students. We agreed that Cosmos Creations’ pure natural ingredients combine to make an airy, natural snack alternative that proved to be deliciously addictive.

Purchase Cosmos Creations on line here. Or search for a store near you at this link.  Buy Cosmos online at Costco.comFollow Cosmos Creations on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Uniquely Southeast Asian Sweet Treats from Hey Boo!

2 Mar

by Angela James

I actually started out  at this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show with a road map and a plan. In the past I have made the mistake of tasting everything that is offered to me but this year I was determined not to slip into my typical food haze, stay strong and remain focused! I began my journey on the hunt for new, intriguing products as I sampled my way through the US State specific show floor section. Being a lover of all things coconut, I was tickled to find Hey Boo’s Award winning Coconut Jams featured in the Savor California booth. I have long enjoyed Hey Boo’s version of a coconut spread, an indulgence I was introduced to as a kid. But this year I was lucky enough to sample Hey Boo’s newest concoctions – Coconut Caramels in four unique, Southeast Asian flavors -Vietnamese Coffee, Thai Iced Tea, Ginger Rum and Sea Salt. Soft, chewy and incredibly satisfying, I found it difficult to find a favorite, so I continued chatting and sampling much longer than I should have…


Founder Cristina Widjaja’s career focused on the high tech industry, but her passion for gourmet artisan foods eventually led her back to a treat from her Indonesian roots. All of Hey Boo’s jams and caramels are slow cooked in small batches using only high quality natural ingredients: premium coconut milk, cane sugar, and egg yolk. Organic agave syrup and cane sugar is used in the caramel sauce. Dairy and gluten free. Hey Boo Jams are available in three divine flavors: Coconut Jam, Mango Coconut Jam and Coconut Caramel (my personal go-to!)

Cristina has received high praise for her products from both the industry and consumers. She won a Silver Sofi Award from the Specialty Food Association (like an Oscar in the gourmet food world), and Jessica Seinfeld (yes, married to that Seinfeld) posted how much she loves Hey Boo to her 97,000 Instagram fans at @Heyboojams. You can also join her loyal following on Facebook at HeyBooJams. Buy some online here  or use this store locator to pick some up at a store nearby.



Elegant Brie wins Sofi Gold!!

1 Aug

Congratulations to Elegant Brie who has just won its first gold Sofi Award for their decadent Mushroom, Garlic, and Scallion baked brie! Media Owls first discovered Elegant Brie last year at Los Gatos Farmer’s Market one lazy Sunday morning.  I was in search of a special treat to bring to a housewarming open house. I, of course, had waited until the last minute to put together something special for a good friend’s party and needed it to appear that I had actually planned ahead and put lots of thought into it! Elegant Brie to the rescue.

I brought home a beautiful brie en croute (the brie’s rind is removed) loaded with sautéed mushrooms, garlic and scallions. I should have taken a picture when I placed it on the guest table. By the time I thought to get my camera, the guests had torn into it like hungry savages.  I should get some credit for saving my friends the embarrassment of photographing them scraping for the last, tasty remnants.

The creamy brie and delicious filling are wrapped in a flaky puffed pastry decorated with an elegant leaf design. It was not until it was all gone and I was asked repeatedly how it was made that I finally fessed up and said I hadn’t actually whipped it up myself and directed my pals to Elegant Brie’s website and the local grocer’s frozen section so they could get their own impressive brie en croute ready to bake at home. Here is a shot of Leslie (The Big Cheese) and Linda (Chief Cheese Officer) and what looks to be a trusted assistant, of Elegant Brie at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. They received the coveted Gold Sofi Award of excellence in the Frozen Savory Category at a red-carpet ceremony at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC. We wish you all continued success!! #elegantbrie #brie #fancyfoodshow #sofiaward #sofi #FFS #mediaowls #appetizer #mushrooms #savorcalifornia

Elegant Brie booth at SF Fancy Food Show 2014. Crew includes of Leslie (The Big Cheese) and Linda (Chief Cheese Officer).

Elegant Brie booth at SF Fancy Food Show 2014. Crew includes Leslie (The Big Cheese) and Linda (Chief Cheese Officer).

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