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First-Ever Contest From Nimble Collective – Animate the Chicken!

17 Nov

Nimble Collective, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing the animation industry by crafting the first cloud native animation platform, just launched their first-ever animation contest! Time for all you aspiring creators to show off some of your artistic talents!

animatethechicken nimble_beyourownstudio

Nimble Collective invites you to Animate the Chicken and Win Prizes! It’s simple, really. Just download the (free) Blender 2.78 file of the chicken in its environment and create your own take on the Animal Fact chicken scene. Will she fly? Will she sing? Only YOU know the answer to that.
Once you submit your short video, we’ll let the Internet vote on the top 5 shorts to be awarded an impressive prize package.
Give it a shot!! Who knows? It may even lead to a Beta Test invite! Very soon you will learn more about that!
Here’s the link for details: http://cloud.nimblecollective.com/animalfactscontest/

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